CES 2024: CJC Unveils New BLDC Motors for Food Processors

CJC MOTOR is redefining the food processor industry with next-generation BLDC motor technology showcased at CES 2024. These motors boast high power, exceptional torque, and whisper-quiet operation, creating a superior food processing experience.


CJC MOTOR brings advanced bldc technology for food processor industry. Now, we are displaying the next-generation of quite and more reliable food processor bldc motor solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place from January 9 to 12, 2024, in Las Vegas.

Key Functions

These motors offer a variety of features and benefits that make them ideal for this application, including high power, high torque, and efficient operation.

  • High torque and power: The motors offer high torque and power, making them capable of handling even the most demanding food processing tasks.
  • Fast start-up: The motors have a fast start-up, making them ideal for applications that require rapid acceleration.
  • Low noise: The motors are designed to produce low noise, making them ideal for residential and commercial applications.
  • Long life: The motors are designed for long life, making them a cost-effective solution for food processing applications.


Technical Features of Matched Drivers:

This driver is designed for use with square waves and has the following features:

  • High starting torque and stall current: This driver provides the high starting torque and stall current required for demanding food processing applications.
  • Speed closed loop: This driver maintains a constant speed regardless of load, resulting in improved performance and efficiency.
  • High reliability: This driver features overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, stall, and hall fault protection for enhanced reliability.


The new BLDC motors from [Company Name] are ideal for a variety of food processing applications, including:

  1. Blenders: The motors provide the power and torque needed to blend tough ingredients, such as ice and nuts.
  2. Food processors: The motors can be used to chop, slice, dice, and puree a variety of foods.
  3. Juicers: The motors provide the power needed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.
  4. Mixers: The motors can be used to mix a variety of ingredients, such as dough and batter.

Experience the future of food prep with CJC MOTOR's groundbreaking BLDC technology. Visit them at CES 2024 and discover the power of quiet performance.

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