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Are you looking for the perfect blender motor solution for commercial blenders? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the requirements in the commercial blender industry, delve into the essential motor characteristics, and introduce our range of BLDC and Universal AC motors specifically designed for commercial blenders.

Understanding the Demands of the Commercial Blender Industry

Daily High-Intensity Operation

In restaurants or cafes, blenders often work throughout the day. From breakfast juices to dinner sauces, they need to operate continuously without compromising performance. CJC's commercial blender motor undergoes rigorous testing, with Universal AC motor having a minimum continuous running life of 800 hours and BLDC motor having a minimum continuous running life of 8000 hours. They are highly durable, ensuring they can withstand long hours of continuous work in a commercial environment.

High Power Requirements

Compared to household blenders, commercial blenders require greater power to quickly process a variety of ingredients, often in large quantities. CJC's commercial blender motor series offers a wide range of power options, with Universal AC motor ranging from 300W to 1500W or higher, and BLDC motor ranging from 150W to 2000W or higher. They effortlessly blend, chop, grind, and mix all kinds of ingredients, providing reliable and efficient blending performance. CJC's commercial blender motor products possess the ability to handle complex ingredients.

Blending Hard Ingredients

Commercial blender motor or professional food processor blender motor must be able to blend even the toughest ingredients, including ice cubes, frozen fruits, and hard vegetables. CJC's commercial blender motor models with 800W or higher excel in handling these challenging blending tasks. They can drive the hardest materials and crush ice into snow within seconds, producing smoothies, sauces, and more. The brushed commercial blender motor series by CJC can reach speeds of up to 30,000 RPM or higher, breaking down the cell walls of frozen foods in seconds.

Features of CJC Commercial Blender Motor

Universal AC Blender Motor

This type of blender motor offers several advantages, including high starting torque, ensuring smooth and rapid startup even when blending large amounts of hard ingredients without putting excessive stress on the blender motor. It is well-suited for heavy-duty blending tasks and can start blending even with a full load of ingredients. Additionally, it is known for its cost-effectiveness and can provide stable performance during continuous operation.

HC95# Series (Customizable)

The HC95# series blender motor is powerful and provides exceptional blending performance for the most demanding commercial applications. Let's take a look at its specifications:

Input Voltage: 110-240V

Maximum Current Limit: 15A

Rated Power Range: 300~1500W

Rated Speed Range: 15000~30000RPM

Maximum Output Torque: 700mN.m

The HC95# blender motor series is ideal for large-scale blending tasks, offering high power and torque to effortlessly handle the most challenging ingredients.

HC88# Series & HC89# Series (Customizable)

These two series of blender motors are another excellent choice for commercial blenders. Here are their specifications:

Input Voltage: 110-240V

Maximum Current Limit: 12A

Rated Power Range: 300~1500W

Rated Speed Range: 15000~30000RPM

Maximum Output Torque: 600mN.m

Both of these series strike a perfect balance between power and efficiency, making them an ideal choice for commercial blenders.

Brushless DC Blender Motor

CJC brushless DC commercial blender motor offers several advantages, including a smaller size, lower noise, longer lifespan (8000H), and variable speed control for a wider range of food processing capabilities. This means that they can provide a more compact design for commercial blenders, effectively reduce noise generation through optimized motor structure and vibration reduction mechanisms, and offer variable speed control for fine-tuning the texture of any recipe.

Brushless DC blender motor BL7245/BL8225/BL12050 (customizable)

In conclusion, choosing the right blender motor is crucial for commercial blenders. CJC blender motor series is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the commercial blender industry. With high starting torque, durability, and stable performance, these blender motors are the ultimate solution for commercial blenders. So, if you want your commercial blender to excel in performance, don't hesitate to choose CJC's professionally engineered blender motor solutions!

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