From medical motor solutions to motors for use in personal care and beauty products, CJC's unique and in-depth motor solutions cover a broad range of industries.

Best Solar-Powered Umbrella Motor: A Shady Solution for a Sunny Day

Solar umbrella motor technology Solar-powered outdoor devices Benefits of solar energy

The Magnetic Materials Revolution of the New Era (Ⅱ)

Rare Earth Alternatives Magnet Materials Innovation Sustainable Motor Technology

High-Speed BLDC Motor: Meet with Pet Hair Dryers

Pet hair dryer BLDC motor Stepless adjustable speed

The Magnetic Materials Revolution of the New Era(Ⅰ)

Magnetic Materials Rare-Earth-Free Magnets Electric Motor Efficiency Permanent Magnet Applications Sustainable Engineering Solutions

CJC Motor: Powering the Upgrade and Replacement of Brushless Motors in the Power Tools Industry

brusheless motor power tools

Compactness meets Power: Introducing the Highly Integrated Brushless Motor Gasoline Fuel Pump

BLDC brushless motor gasoline fuel pump motor
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