New Mixer Motor Applicable in Household and Commercial Electric Mixers

The BL6718 motor is meticulously engineered to reduce noise levels, making it an ideal solution for both household and commercial blenders.

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The BL6718 mixer motor, meticulously engineered to lower noise levels, presents an ideal solution for both home and commercial blender applications.

Specific measures include:

Motor Design: Employing a design with low cogging torque reduces the unevenness of the rotor magnetic field, effectively decreasing electromagnetic vibration and noise.

Drive Design: Utilizing sensorless FOC combined with vector technology enables precise magnetic field control, minimizing electromagnetic interference and further reducing electromagnetic noise and vibration.

These designs not only effectively lower the operating noise of the blender but also enhance user experience, making it more suitable for various home and business settings.

Moreover, the BL6718 mixer motor offers the following advantages:

Extended Lifespan: Incorporating rolling bearings reduces motor friction, thus enhancing lifespan. Simultaneously, the integrated stretch machine housing design strengthens structural integrity, achieving a higher protection level, reducing looseness between components, and further enhancing motor reliability and durability.

Improved Stability and Reliability: Technologies such as ferrite permanent magnets and large stator currents enhance motor stability and reliability. The closed-loop design of the drive speed allows the motor system to respond more quickly to external load changes, maintaining stable operation to meet various manufacturing application requirements.

Highly Efficient High-Performance Output: The BL6718 mixer motor not only boasts high efficiency but also high-performance characteristics. Utilizing sensorless FOC vector control and magnetic field-oriented control achieves efficient operation and precise speed control, suitable for applications under various load conditions. Its high starting torque and wider operating range enable it to handle high loads and sudden load changes with exceptional performance.

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