Servo Controller Powered Hub Motor: Empowering Joint Motion Control in Service Robots

Learn how wheel hub motors are customized for different service robots like delivery robots, cleaning robots, and even hospital logistics robots. The article share successful cases for integrated direct drive hub motor with self-developed servo controller and how they improve efficiency, precision, and reliability.

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Robots are already serving us everywhere! The future is here with service robots that deliver goods, serve food, smart cleaning and even guide us! These amazing machiens, called service robots or delivery robots, are popping up everwhere - from restaurants, hotels, hopspitals to commercial centers - making our lives outside the house easier and cooler than ever. Want to know how they complete the automation tasks? Read on!

Joint motion control of service robots is one of its core technologies, directly affecting the flexibility and work efficiency of robots. Servo controller in direct drive wheel hub motor, as a high-performance and high-efficiency motion control solution, are propelling the development of service robots.

Types of Service Robots and Their Wheel Hub Motor Needs

Let's focus on professional service robots, designed specifically to tackle tasks in commercial or professional settings, rather than for personal use. This type encompasses a wide range of service robots that play vital roles in various sectors. What are professional service robots? Professional service robots are not deploying inside of the traditional factory plant, but in professional or commercial environments.

There's a vast array of professional service robots, each with unique application scenarios and consequently, varying demands for their wheel hub motors. Here's a breakdown of some common types of service robots and the specific needs they place on their hub motors:

Robot Receptionist: Primarily used in places like hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls, these robots provide greeting, guiding, and consultation services to customers. When it comes to wheel hub motors, maneuverability and low noise operation are crucial. The robot needs to navigate around people comfortably, and a quiet motor ensures a pleasant customer experience.

Commercial Auto Scrubber: These robots, used in office buildings, shopping malls, and more, handle indoor floor cleaning, outdoor cleaning, and even facade cleaning. Here, hub motors need to be  rugged and water-resistant to handle potential cleaning solutions and uneven surfaces. Additionally, features like variable speeds and good torque are important for navigating different terrains effectively.

Delivery Robots: Widely used in catering, hotels, and logistics, these robots boast features like automatic driving and voice interaction to improve delivery efficiency and save labor costs. For delivery robots, wheel hub motors with a good balance of power,  payload capacity, and energy efficiency are ideal.  They need to carry deliveries while navigating various terrains, all on a single battery charge.

Hospital Logistics Robots: These robots operate within hospitals, independently planning routes to deliver medicines, medical supplies, specimens, and more. They essentially replace medical staff for repetitive tasks. In this case, wheel hub motors need to be quiet and operate smoothly to navigate hospital environments safely without disturbing patients or staff. Additionally, payload capacity and precise movement are important for handling delicate medical supplies.

Servo Controller in Direct Drive Hub Motor: The Brains Behind the Brawn of Service Robots

A. CJC Direct Drive Wheel Hub Motor Selection

Unlike traditional motors with separate gearboxes, a wheel hub direct drive motor integrates directly into the wheel itself. This simplifies the design and eliminates the energy losses that occur during gear transmissions. The result? A more efficient system with several advantages.

High torque, low speed: Delivery robots prioritize navigating uneven sidewalks, curbs, and inclines while carrying packages. The high torque of a direct-drive motor allows them to overcome these obstacles with ease. Standard servo motors, with their lower torque, might struggle on these inclines or with heavier payloads.

Precise control: Direct-drive motors often provide more precise control over wheel movement compared to a motor-gearbox combination. This precision allows for smoother starts and stops, crucial for safe and efficient delivery, especially in crowded areas.

Simplified design: Eliminating the gearbox reduces complexity and potential points of failure. This translates to a more reliable system, minimizing downtime for repairs.轮毂电机示意图CJC WHEEL HUB MOTOR DIAGRAM

Cjc Wheel Hub Motor Selection

B. Best Designed Dual Servo Controller for the Servo Hub Motor

Cjc Servo Controller ProductCjc Servo Driver Outline DrawingServo Controller Technical FeaturesServo Driver Parameter

C. Integrated Direct Drive Wheel Hub Motor with Servo Controller Cases Share

Application of K Company in Optimizing Meal Delivery Services in Commercial Environments (Restaurants, Hotels)

K Company has deployed delivery robots equipped with CJC's integrated hub motor with servo controller operating in commercial environments, significantly improving delivery efficiency and accuracy. By adopting our low-voltage servo driver, K Company has successfully developed a delivery robot that can autonomously navigate, avoid obstacles and complete delivery tasks, effectively improving delivery efficiency and restaurant operation level.

Transportation Performance of Y Logistics Robots in Plant Environments

Y logistics robots use CJC's integraed low-voltage servo driver to flexibly shuttle through warehouses and efficiently complete cargo handling tasks. Y logistics robots are equipped with the custom wheel hub motor with our servo controller, which can flexibly handle goods and significantly improve the efficiency and safety of logistics operations.

Contact us to get your free custom wheel hub motor solutions or robotics direct drive motor solutions for service robots, delivery robots and other robotics in commercial and professional settings.

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