CJC's BLDC Motors That Catering to Levels of Sophistication Required for Robot Pet

There is a whole new slate of bldc motors to support robot pet

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Robot pets stole the show in Las Vegas - CES 2023(Consumer Electronics Conference) ! Although CES brought a batch of the latest sharp-edged robotics to the world's attention, robot pets were really surprising because of their creepy real imitations of actual animals. It can be seen that companies are trying hard to put more and more functionality into robot pets such as training by coding, facial and posture recognition, mixing colored lights, simulated sound and even designed personalities.


According to a report called Pet Companion Robot Market from Fact.MR, sales of pet companion robot maked up around 2.3% of the whole robot market in 2022.

Meet this year's most intriguing brushless direct drive motor for pet-like automatons - BL4820.

Fractional slot design:

BL4820 has a multi-slot pole configuration of 20 poles and 24 slots with fractional slot design. This comes with the capability to optimize torque ripple and utilize concentrated windings to reduce motor resistance and improve efficiency.

Compact size:

The compact size allows for easy integration into the inside of wheels, enabling more refined and compact overall design of the machine.

Outer rotor structure:

The outer rotor design of the motor leads to a greater power density and output torque in a given volume.

Magnetic encoder utilization:

A magnetic encoder is used to control motor speed (accurately from 1 to 1000 RPM) and rotor angle position (360/1024), providing precise start-stop and position control.

Direct dirve motor technology:

The outer rotor direct drive reduces motor noise and improves overall compactness of the structure.

Improved speed range:

BL4820 has a significantly improved speed adjustment range compared to geared motors (from 1-80 RPM to 1-1000 RPM).


We found that BLDC motors have given a new glimpse of where the robotics technology is headed. Compared to tradictional DC motors, brushless DC motors used in robot pet have high efficiency, high torque. compact design and longer lifespan. BLDC motors can deliver the same amount of torque with less power, which can help extend your robotic pet's battery life. Additionally, BLDC motors allow for levels of sophistication and elaboration because of requiring specialized controllers and sensors to operate. In this case, BLDC motors helps in providing precise and accurage and special movements, speed control, noiseless operaion, fast control response capabilities. Overall, if you are looking for a high torque, power-efficient, and long-lasting motor for your robotics, then a BLDC motor is a good choice.


Whether you purse a cost-effective or high-quality motor solution, we always have the attitude and strength to exceed your expectations. Our product line covers all kinds of motors from economical to high-end to meet the various needs of the robot pet industry.

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