BLDC to Prove BL5163 is a Robotic Mower Solver

Learn how BL5163 robotic mowers can revolutionize your lawn care routine. Experience the blend of technology and tranquility in your outdoor spaces

In the landscape of robotic mowers, the demand for expansieve, intelligent, precise and effertless grass-cutting experiences, coupled with grass clipping collection, have never been higher. While US might be embracing trobotic mower technology at a slightly pace than the UK, the evitability of this trend is a krystle clear. As CJC's business opportunity march forward to robotic cleaner, we stand prepared to offer a tailored solution to blades of robotic mowers.

The Pros of Robotic Mower: Smart Features andTraverse Capability

Traditional mowers have limitations that hinder the mower's experience to achieve longer and quieter cut. Uneven terrains, tough grass types, challenging slopes and varying weather conditions pose significant hurdles for such handheld mowers(hand-propelled or riding mowers). However, the introduction of sensor technology, LiDAR, AI, and GPS systems has transformed these weaknesses into formidable strenghts for robotic mowers. In the future, the demand for robot collecting grass clippings, trimming intricate lawn stripes and even maintaining health of turf are ever-increasing.


Of course, like any innovation, robotic mowers come with their share of challenges.

The initial cost is a significant consideration, as these robots are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, they require more frequent maintenance due to their regular mowing schedules. Learning to program and operate these systems takes some time initially. Moreover, some models face challenges on very steep slopes and struggle with trimming the edges of the lawn.

Motors For Robotic Mowers

At the core of these robotic marvels are powerful motors that drive both the cutting blades and the wheels. The cutting blade motor spins the blade at high speeds, effortlessly slicing through grass upon contact. The blade is housed within a casing called a deck, preventing grass and debris from scattering in all directions. Meanwhile, the self-propelled mowers utilize motors to turn a drive shaft connected to a belt or chain, linked to a gearbox attached to an axle. This ingenious mechanism propels the mower, enabling it to autonomously navigate the yard. 

The Power of BL5163

Higher Performance

BL5163 is designed to power a rotating horizontal blade.

BL5163 is a high-efficiency brushless motor that runs 40% longer, is 15% more powerful, and offers 5% longer life compared to mowers with brushed motors. CJC also develops several independent brushless wheel motor platforms. BLDC motor translates into enhanced efficiency and prolonged lifespan, ensuring that your robotic mower operates at peak performance throughout its lifecycle.

Reduced Maintenance

What sets BLDC motors apart is their brushless nature, eliminating physical brushes and minimizing friction. This reduction in wear and tear translates to significantly reduced maintenance costs and labor. Imagine a scenario where you only need to replace blades and tires, leaving the motor untouched. This not only saves you time but also offers substantial long-term cost savings.

Noise Reduction and Environmental Harmony

One of the standout features of the BL5163 motor is its whisper-quiet operation. Traditional mowers often disrupt the peace with their loud, grating noise. In contrast, the BL5163 motor operates stealthily, gliding through the lawn without disturbing the tranquility of your surroundings. This noise reduction not only enhances user experience but also contributes to a more peaceful environment.

CJC is your steadfast partner, offering not just robotic solutions, but a seamless blend of technology and tranquility for your outdoor spaces.

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