Mower Motor

CJC has developed a brushless DC motor platform for lawn mowers that can operate flexibly at any speed, meeting the acceleration requirements of the lawn mower. At the same time, the motor has a wide speed range, eliminating the need for a gearbox and further enhancing efficiency.

Compared to ordinary motors, the brushless DC motor for lawn mowers has higher efficiency, effectively utilizing energy and providing greater torque for efficient mowing. Additionally, the rotor of the motor has a powerful permanent magnet field, which enhances overload capacity and meets the demands of starting and rotating the lawn mower. Furthermore, the motor has excellent regenerative braking capability. When the lawn mower needs to brake or go downhill, it can enter the generating state and improve energy recovery. Moreover, due to its small size and lightweight, the lawn mower can save space and reduce burden. Additionally, the brushless DC motor for lawn mowers does not have a mechanical commutator, making it less susceptible to dust and more secure and reliable. Finally, the control system of the brushless DC motor is simple and user-friendly, providing a quiet operating environment and longer service life. The highly efficient brushless motor brings greater torque to the lawn mower, making it work more efficiently, operate quietly, and have a longer lifespan.

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