CES 2024: Brushless Drone Motors Take Flight

CES 2024 unveils the latest in drone and uav technology, with a focus on brushless drone motors. CJC MOTOR's new brushless motors and controllers stand out, promising enhanced flight performance and reliability. The article explores brushless drone motors technical design, including multi-strand winding and dynamic balance precision, which ensures stable and efficient drone operation.

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Prepare for CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the ultimate gathering of innovators, visionaries, and tech enthusiasts.

The event will push the boundaries of what is possible once again. This event is sure to push the boundaries of what is possible once again. CJC MOTOR will be showcasing innovative brushless motor for drone or uav and motor controller at Booth 2114, West Gate Hall.

Look Back to BLDC Drone Highlights at CES 2023!

One of the major highlights was the unveiling of Autel’s EVO Max 4T drone, using quadcopter electric motors. This enterprise drone has an impressive 42 minutes of flight time and comes equipped with a thermal drone sensor. It can fly without GPS, making it ideal for remote operations.

Autel also launched two new nests, or docking stations, for its enterprise Dragonfish drone and its consumer EVO drone. The Dragonfish Nest is the first docking station made for an eVTOL drone.

Autel’s EVO Max 4T drone

Image credit: https://www.autelpilot.com/blogs/news/best-drone-of-ces-2023-autel-evo-max-4t

Another interesting exhibitor was DroMii, which uses drones and AI software to create detailed road maps. DroMii's software takes high-quality 4k aerial photos. It then uses advanced technology to detect and remove moving objects on the road.

This helps local governments and navigation systems get a clear and accurate picture of road conditions. This helps provide local governments and navigation systems with a clear and accurate picture of road conditions.

Marine Drone Tech, a South Korea-based drone delivery platform, also caught attention. The company focuses on maritime last-mile logistics by delivering ship supplies by air.

Look Forward to Drone and UAV Innovation at CES 2024

The drone industry is soaring, and at the heart of its impressive flight capabilities lies the intricate power system. These three components - the ESC, brushless motor, and propellers - are essential for a drone to work properly and stay stable. CJC MOTOR brings self-developed brushless motor for drone and uav, quadcopter electric motors and drone motor controllers to CES 2024! This article explores the key performance and innovations driving the future of brushless drone.

The Heart of the Matter: Brushless DC Motor

The heart of drone construction is the bldc motor, a key part that guarantees flying excellence. The brushless DC (BLDC) motor does not have brushes or commutators as known. It includes bearings, coils, magnets, stator, and end cap, all intricately designed for optimal performance.

Brushless dc drone motor part explosion

Operational Mechanisms

The operational principle of bldc motor distinguishes them from their brushed counterparts. Adjust the input frequency and waveform to create a rotating magnetic field around the stator coil.

This field causes the rotor's permanent magnet(magnets for dc motors) steel to move. This ingenious design facilitates seamless motor rotation, a critical factor in drone agility. Knowing this measurement is important when choosing electric motors for your quadcopter or other drones. This applies whether you are filming from the sky or using it for work.

Advantages of Brushless Motor for Drone: A Technological Leap

Modern drones & quadcopters use bldc motors due to their myriad advantages. The lightweight motors have revolutionized the drone landscape with reduced friction, minimal loss, lower heat generation, and prolonged lifespan. Additionally, their diminished noise levels, smoother operation, and lowered maintenance costs underscore their superiority in the aviation domain.

Decoding the KV Value: A Performance Benchmark

One cannot overlook the significance of the KV value, a pivotal metric characterizing quadcopter electric motors or heavy lift drone motors. This value serves as a barometer, offering valuable insights into the motor's performance capabilities. Engineers use methods like the Hall effect principle and photoelectric speed measurement techniques to accurately measure the speed of brushless motors.

Evolution of Drone Speed Controllers

The evolution from mechanical speed controllers to electronic speed controllers (ESCs) has been transformative. ESCs, specifically tailored for bldc motors, have supplanted their brushed counterparts, enhancing motor speed regulation. This new technology has made drones and uavs more efficient, making them essential in the ever-evolving world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

How do we have the best brushless motor platforms for heavy-lift drone, small quadcopter, or extreme underwater drone for fishing?

CJC MOTOR High Quality Brushless Motors for Drone-BL2216 & BL5008

Power in Compact Packages: BL2216 and BL5008 Drone Solutions

Small Size, Small Air Gap, Long Life, High Speed, Light Weight Compared to Brushed Motors


The BL2216 and BL5008 bldc motors for drones and uavs, showed at CES 2024, exceed the expectation for Drone & UAV propulsion. Their compact size and minimal air gap ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

BLDC motor haS a long lifespan, high-speed capabilities, and IS lightweight and precise in size. It is essential for Drone & UAV applications that require durability and reliability. Heavy lift drone motors such as BL5008 and BL6206 at CJC MOTOR are designed for drones and UAVs for heavy load duties.

Outer Rotor Brilliance: Structural Design for Enhanced Torque

Outer Rotor Structure: Maximizing Torque within Limited Space

Our brushless drone motors have special outer rotor design that provide strong torque in a small size. This innovation empowers drone & uav with great power-to-weight ratios, allowing them to effortlessly tackle diverse applications. The BL2216 and BL5008 motors are designed for high-performance drones and UAVs, providing strong torque and maneuverability. This translates to effortless maneuverability, perfect for navigating the bustling exhibition halls of CES 2024 or exploring remote landscapes.

Performance Excellence: Lightweight Heat Dissipation and High Efficiency

Efficient Heat Dissipation: Optimal Temperature Regulation

Efficient heat dissipation is vital for sustained Drone & UAV operation. Our brushless drone motor incorporates lightweight heat dissipation features, guaranteeing optimal temperature regulation even during prolonged usage. This design ensures that the motors remain cool under pressure, maximizing their efficiency and longevity.

Precision in Production: Addressing Drone & UAV BLDC Motor Process Requirements

Stator Perfection: Multi-Strand Parallel Winding for Power Density

Multi-Strand Parallel Winding for Power Densitybrushless motor winding tools

Challenge 1: Power Density and Efficiency in Drone Motors

What to Do:

Addressing the challenge of power density and efficiency in Drone & UAV bldc motors involves implementing advanced winding methods. Utilize the multi-strand parallel winding technique to maximize copper usage, ensuring high power density. Employ precision multi-strand winding machines for accurate and reliable winding. Additionally, impregnate the winding to enhance insulation strength and vibration resistance, guaranteeing durability under diverse operating conditions.

Dynamic Balance Precision: Less Than 5mg Imbalance

small bearing inner ring clearance fit and high-strength glue in assembly

Challenge 2: Motor Dynamic Balance for Stable Drone &UAV Operation

What to Do:

Overcoming the challenge of brushless motor dynamic balance in drone demands meticulous attention to the rotor assembly process. To keep your Drone & UAV stable during operation, use the glue balance method. This method helps to maintain a dynamic imbalance of under 5mg. This will ensure that your Drone & UAV stays stable while in use.

Utilize small bearing inner ring clearance fit and high-strength glue in assembly. Employ torque wrenches to meticulously control the tightening screws, achieving consistent preload. This precision guarantees stable and noise-free motor operation, enhancing longevity and overall drone performance.

Rotor Balance Mastery: Unrivaled Stability in Motion

Assembly Expertise: Controlled Small Bearing Preload for Stability

Controlled Small Bearing Preload for Stability

Controlled Bearing Preload: Ensuring Stable Operation

Challenge3: Achieving Stable Motor Operation through Controlled Bearing Preload

What to Do:

To address the challenage of achieving stable brushless motor for drone and uav, employ meticulous assembly processes. Utilize a small bearing inner ring clearance fit and high-strength glue during assembly. Implement torque wrenches to precisely control the tightening screws, ensuring consistent preload.

By doing so, you guarantee stable and noise-free motor operation, preventing problems associated with insufficient or excessive preload. This approach significantly enhances the motor's longevity and performance, meeting the demand for reliability in Drone & UAV applications.

Elevating Drone Dynamics with CJC MOTOR at CES 2024, delving into the power dynamics of drone market unveils a world of innovation and precision engineering. To learn more about our brushless motor for drone and uav and drone motor controllers, click the "Contact Us" button below. The button is located on the right side of the page. Clicking on it will lead you to more information.

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