BLDC Fan Motor Solution for Electric Fan

In the home appliance industry, the fan is one of the most common and universal devices. Though it may seem simple, the design and manufacturing process of a fan involves many considerations to meet changing consumer demands and industry standards. A key element in this process is the design of the fan's motor.


The Fan Industry: Background and Challenges

Industry Background

Under the influence of the Chinese GB 12021.9-2021 standard for energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency grades of electric fans, the Chinese electric motor manufacturing industry is shifting towards high-efficiency and green transformation in the field of electric fans.

Challenges Faced

In this environment, electric fan manufacturers face multiple challenges, including improving product performance, reducing energy consumption, and meeting stricter standards. To cope with these challenges, manufacturers need to find new methods of design and production.

Consumer demand of electric fan/floor fan motor

1. High efficiency and energy saving: The dedicated BLDC motor platform designed for electric fan products achieves a performance that is more than 30-50% more energy efficient than traditional AC induction fan motors, making it compliant with the latest national energy efficiency standards. Additionally, lower energy consumption from the electric fan can reduce household electricity costs.

2. Compact and lightweight: The size of the fan motor greatly influences the overall design of floor fans. Compared to traditional fans equipped with AC induction motors, the BLDC fan motor used in electric fan products reduces the volume by 50%.

3. Ultimate experience: The dedicated BLDC motor for electric/floor fans is designed to be highly efficient, energy-saving, compact, lightweight, and equipped with stepless speed control. It provides both stable performance and long-lasting, comfortable airflow.

4. Low noise: the bldc fan motor provides a conducive environment for sleep.

5. Longer lifespan: By adopting a DC power source, not only is it safe and reliable, but it also reduces the frequency of replacements and maintenance, improving work efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

In the face of these challenges,electric fan manufacturers can address them by adopting the brushless DC (BLDC) fan motor solution provided by CJC.

CJC BLDC Motor Solutions to Electric Fan Products

Technical Specifications and Design Features

Low Starting Voltage: Our motors can start at a low voltage of 0.7V, ensuring stable and reliable starting performance. This is especially important for electric fans and fan motors that are frequently turned on and off.

Long Service Life: The continuous operating life exceeds 10,000 hours, ensuring long-term stable operation of the product. This is a critical factor for electric fans and fan motors that are used for extended periods of time.

Low Power Consumption Standby: The standby power consumption is lower than 0.5W, effectively reducing energy consumption and meeting the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. This is particularly important for electric fans and fan motors that are used in energy-conscious environments.

Motor Drive Design

Our fan and air purifier motor drive design takes full consideration of user needs and has the following characteristics:

Intelligent Recognition of Motor Speed Control Signal: Adopts CLK and PWM motor automatic recognition technology, compatible with various control board speed control signals, providing a more convenient user experience. This feature is especially useful for electric fans and fan motors that are controlled by different types of control boards.

Quick Brake Function: The motor has a quick brake function, which can quickly stop the motor operation within 3 to 5 seconds, making the closing and stopping of airflow more effective and accurate, and improving the user's control experience. This feature is particularly important for electric fans and fan motors that require precise control of airflow.

Digital Filter Design: A digital filter is added to the drive to effectively prevent interference from the speed control signal of the power supply, eliminate abnormal speed and control conditions, and ensure the stability of the product. This is especially important for electric fans and fan motors that are susceptible to electrical interference.

Current Fuse: A current fuse is added to the drive to ensure that the motor will not be damaged in the event of a software protection abnormality, improving the safety and reliability of the product. This is a critical safety feature for electric fans and fan motors that are used in high-risk environments.

Stepless Speed Control: Through PWM/CLK speed control, the brushless fan motor can achieve stepless speed control within the range of dozens to thousands of revolutions, adapting to various occasions with different airflow requirements. This feature is particularly useful for electric fans and fan motors that need to be operated at different speeds.

Fan Motor Recommended

CJC Motor's advanced BLDC fan motors represent the future of the fan industry, providing solutions that meet customer demands for low noise, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. Invest in CJC Motor solutions and revolutionize your fan product line.

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