Fan Motor & Air Purifier Motor

Advantages of CJC’s brushless DC fan motor/bathroom fan motor/air purifier platform; High efficiency and energy saving, saving more than 30~50% compared with traditional AC induction motor; Small and light, 50% smaller than the traditional AC induction motor; Endless speed regulation has stable performance and can provide lasting and comfortable air supply service; Low noise and long service life.

BLDC motor characteristics of CJC’s floor fan/standing fan/bladeless fan: voltage 24V/12V, current limit 1.5A, power within 30W. 1. low level start > >0.7V 2. The continuous operation life is often > >8000H h. 3. Standby power consumption < <0.5W 4. Gram weight of motor ≈332g Motor drive design of CJC’s floor fan; 1. Motor speed control signals, CLK and PWM motors are automatically identified, which can be adapted to the speed control signals of various main control boards at the same time; 2. The motor has a braking function, which can quickly stop the motor running within 3S~5S to 5 s, making it more effective and accurate to shut down the whole machine and stop air supply; 3. Digital filtering is added to the drive to prevent the speed regulation signal of the power supply from being disturbed, and to prevent the abnormal situation leading to the speed and control; 4. Adding a current fuse to the drive can also ensure that the motor will not burn out and open fire when the software protection is abnormal; 5. stepless speed regulation: because the drive adopts PWM/CLK speed regulation, the brushless fan motor can achieve stepless speed regulation in the range of tens to thousands of revolutions, which is suitable for various occasions with different requirements for air volume.

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