Explore Bathroom Technology: Dual-Motor Bathroom Exhaust Fan for Quiet and Comfortable Experience

As known, bath space, washroom and powder room are vented to keep them clean and dry. A functional ceiling exhaust fan can be an essential appliance to improve the bathroom, as it can effectively remove odors and mold, ensuring the comfort of the bath space.

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There are many types of bathroom exhaust fans on the market. What is the technology behind the best exhaust fans for bathroom that is both efficient and durable? Today, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of the difference between single-motor and dual-motor bathroom exhaust fans, and focus on introducing CJCs latest dual-motor brushless DC exhaust fan motor for bathroom solution.

How to Choose a Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

When choosing a bath ceiling exhaust fan, you need to consider the following key factors:

1. Exhaust Volume

The exhaust volume determines the ventilation capacity of the exhaust fan. In general, for bathrooms with small areas, you can choose a ceiling fan with an appropriate exhaust volume. If the bath area is large or the ventilation conditions are poor, you need an ceiling vent fan with a larger exhaust volume. For example, the Panasonic 10-inch large-volume exhaust fan can quickly remove stale air and effectively purify the air.

2. Noise Level

The noise level of the exhaust fan directly affects the user experience. Choose a ceiling fan in your bathroom with low noise to ensure that you are not disturbed by noise during use and to improve the comfort of your life. For example, the Blaupunkt silent exhaust fan and the Aopu ceiling exhaust fan achieve ventilation and exhaust below 30 decibels, so you can enjoy fresh air without being disturbed by noise.

3. Energy Consumption and Bathroom Fan Part

The electric motor type determines the energy consumption and service life of the exhaust fan. DC motor ceiling fan is gradually becoming the mainstream in the market due to its advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, and long service life. Brushless DC motors are 30%-50% more energy-efficient than traditional AC induction motors; compared with traditional AC induction motor fans, they are 50% smaller in size; and their purification efficiency is 30%-50% higher than that of traditional motors.

4. Single Motor vs. Dual Motor

Single-motor exhaust fans have a simple structure and are suitable for small bathrooms; dual-motor exhaust fans are suitable for large bathrooms or environments that require efficient ventilation or higher CFM(cubic feet per minute). This is the first comparison comes to mind but its changing over motor quality and tech.

Difference Between Single-Motor and Dual-Motor Exhaust Fans for Bathrooms

Single Motor Bathroom Fan Motor Vs Dual Motor Bath Exhaust Motor

Single-Motor Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Single-motor bathroom exhaust fans typically use a single electric motor to drive all functions, including heating, ventilation, and lighting. The structure is relatively simple, with low manufacturing and maintenance costs. However, the following problems may occur during use:

  • While heating and ventilation are achieved at the same time, the best effect cannot be achieved at the same time.
  • The exhaust efficiency is relatively low.
  • The noise is relatively large.

Dual-Motor Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Dual-motor bathroom exhaust fans use two electric motors separately, one for heating and the other for ventilation. This design brings significant advantages:

  1. Higher exhaust efficiency, can quickly remove moisture and odor.
  2. Functional benefits, can turn on the heating and ventilation functions at the same time, without being restricted by the load of a single motor.
  3. Lower noise, because the two motors can optimize their working status respectively.
  4. Longer service life, each motor has a smaller working load, reducing wear and tear.

However, it should also be noted that:

1. Additional electric motors, fan wheels and ducts are required, which increases the manufacturing cost.

2. When turned on at the same time, the heating effect may be weakened by the ventilation function due to the air volume distribution.

3. If the motor quality is high, the service life of a single-motor exhaust fan may not be shorter than that of a dual-motor exhaust fan. Dual-motors require more space and components, increasing potential failure points.

Why Choose Brushless DC Motors as Bathroom Exhaust Fan Motors over Induction Motors?

When compared to induction motors, BLDC motors emerge as the clear frontrunner in terms of energy efficiency, noise levels, and control precision. While induction motors offer durability, they fall short in achieving the high energy efficiency and quiet operation that BLDC motors effortlessly deliver. Let's delve into the key advantages that set BLDC motors apart in bathroom product field:

Cjc Bldc Exhaust Fan Motor Vs Induction Motor

Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Savings

Small BLDC exhaust fan motors are renowned for their remarkable energy efficiency, surpassing traditional AC induction motors by an impressive 75-80%. This remarkable efficiency stems from their innovative design that incorporates a feedback system, effectively reducing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills.

Extended Motor Lifespan

Absence of brushes for brush-free bldc motors translates into a substantially longer motor lifespan, ensuring years of reliable operation and minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Reduced Noise Levels

BLDC motors operate with exceptional smoothness and quietness, making them ideal for bathroom environments where low noise is paramount. The absence of brush-related noise contributes to a serene and relaxing atmosphere, enhancing the overall bathroom experience.

Superior Purification Efficiency for a Healthier Environment

Bath ceiling fans with BLDC motors excel in air circulation, delivering an impressive 40-50% improvement over traditional motors. This enhanced purification capability effectively removes harmful pollutants, allergens, and stale air, promoting a healthier and more breathable bathroom environment.

Intelligent Control for Enhanced Versatility

BLDC motors seamlessly integrate with intelligent control systems, enabling a wide range of flexible operation modes. This adaptability empowers users to customize ventilation settings to suit their specific needs and preferences, further enhancing the bathroom experience.

Compact Size and Lightweight Design for Easy Installation

BLDC motors boast a compact and lightweight design, making them ideal for installation in various bathroom layouts. Their reduced size compared to traditional AC induction motors simplifies the installation process and allows for greater flexibility in placement.

CJC Brushless DC Motors for Dual-Motor Bathroom Exhaust Fan Solution: Redefining Ventilation



The Dual-Motor BLDC Motor Bathroom Vent Fan utilizes a brushless dc motor and driver system powered by CJCs FOC control algorithms, offering a range of benefits:

Small Fan Motor Driver System Advantages

Rapid Matching: Seamless motor matching within 1 second, ensuring broad compatibility and eliminating the need for tedious adjustments.

Optimized Algorithm: Core algorithm optimization for a cost-effective and high-performance solution.

FOC Control Algorithm Features

  1. Speed Control Signal Recognition: Automatic identification of motor speed control signals (CLK and PWM) for compatibility with various control boards.
  2. Rapid Braking: Equipped with a motor braking function, ensuring a swift halt within 3-5 seconds for precise airflow termination upon shutdown.
  3. Digital Filtering: Integrated digital filtering prevents interference from power supply speed control signals, guaranteeing stable speed and control.
  4. Current Fuse: Incorporates a current fuse to safeguard the motor from burnout and open flames, even in the event of software protection failure.
  5. Embrace the convenience of infinite speed control, achieved through PWM/CLK modulation. This technology empowers you to tailor airflow to your specific needs, effortlessly ranging from a gentle breeze to a powerful gust.

CJC’s Brushless DC Exhaust Fan Motor Solution Features

Compact Design, Efficient Ventilation: CJC's brushless motor generates a higher output torque despite its compact size compared to competitors, effectively removing indoor mold and odors. Dual motors operate independently, boosting exhaust efficiency by over 30%, which clear steam and unwanted odors quickly and efficiently.

Unnecessary Noise, Uniform Airflow: The CJC brushless DC motor, coupled with a precision controller, produces a whisper-quiet operation with noise levels as low as 45 dB. A low starting voltage of >0.7V, combined with the driver's infinite speed control technology, ensures uniform airflow and long-lasting comfort.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Testing has shown that our brushless DC motor consumes up to 50% less energy compared to traditional AC induction motors. The CJC bathroom exhaust fan motor's standby power consumption is less than 0.5W, exceeding the national standard GB12021.9-2021 for "Minimum Allowable Values for Energy Efficiency and Energy Levels of Electric Fans." While conventional exhaust fans (AC motors) consume 24W, CJC's brushless DC bathroom exhaust fan motors consistently maintain power consumption below 8W.

Stable, Durable, Safe, and Reliable: Our brushless motor design ensures smooth oscillation and an extended operating lifespan of over 8000 hours, while providing enough power. Special motor design enhances high-temperature resistance. Premium ball bearings guarantee long-lasting, stable motor operation. Low motor temperature rise and a built-in thermal protector ensure safe operation. The high airflow design promotes rapid dehumidification and ventilation, providing a cool, refreshing, and energy-efficient environment.

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