A Quieter, Smarter Blow-Drying Experience: Delving into High-Speed Brushless Motor Control Technology

CJC MOTOR's innovative high-speed brushless motor control technology can elevates the hair drying experience of high-speed hair dryers. This technology offers quieter operation with noise levels as low as 70dB, faster drying times, and consistent performance. The driver board with FOC control and multiple protection features ensures a comfortable and safe blow-drying experience.

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According to TechRadar, a leading authority in tech product reviews, the top picks for premium hair dryers in 2024 are the Dyson Supersonic for Best Premium and the Shark Style iQ from Shark Best for Curly Hair. The Dyson Supersonic stands out for its unique design, placing the motor in the handle rather than the nozzle, making it one of the most compact and lightweight dryers on the market. Its consistent performance not only delivers a remarkable shine but is also impressively quiet. The Shark Style iQ, on the other hand, is highly regarded for its advanced features like even drying, automatic temperature and airflow control.

The Role of Motors and Driver Boards

Behind these exceptional functionalities lie the superior design of the motors and driver boards. Their intricate construction and innovative engineering enable these products to achieve high levels of performance and user experience, setting them apart in the competitive market.

CJC MOTOR boasts its innovative proprietary technology for high-speed brushless motor control in hair dryers, applicable to a wide range of applications including high-speed hair dryers, pet dryers, and salon dryers. CJC MOTOR's high-speed hair dryer motor is a rare breed in the market, capable of low-speed operation for a high-speed direct drive motor. Unlike traditional motors that often cater to either high or low speeds, this high-speed motor's wide speed range (maximum speed up to 110,000 RPM and minimum speed down to 26,000-46,000 RPM) can provide efficient and precise solutions for various air handling applications. This high-speed motor holds multiple innovative patents, including noise reduction structures, fastening structures, and noise reduction rotor structures, and has a lifespan of up to 1000 hours, enhancing motor performance in multiple aspects.

CJC MOTOR's Self-Developed Electronic Control Technology: Enhancing the User Experience

From a consumer's perspective, let's delve into how CJC MOTOR's self-developed electronic control technology elevates the user experience for high-speed hair dryers.


As a high-speed hair dryer user, you might be curious about how the dryer in your hands makes your blow-drying experience more comfortable and convenient. It all comes down to the driver board in the dryer, the heart of the appliance that manages the motor's operation and influences your experience with every use.

The motors employ advanced FOC (Field Oriented Control) and sensorless FOC technology, offering the following advantages:

  • Quieter: Noise levels as low as 70dB (competitors' motors typically exceed 75dB) with no noise at low speeds of 45,000 RPM and higher consistency in sound, providing a more tranquil blow-drying experience.
  • Smarter: Rapid startup, reaching speeds of up to 110,000 RPM and airflow of 31.1 L/s, along with support for constant speed and constant power closed-loop control, ensuring consistent blow-drying results regardless of your chosen speed or power setting.
  • Safer: Built-in multiple protection features effectively safeguard the motor and the entire dryer system, giving you peace of mind during use.
  • More Convenient: Supports multiple speed control methods, allowing you to easily adjust the dryer's speed and temperature to suit different occasions and needs.

Key Features of the Driver Board

  • FOC (Field Oriented Control) Control Algorithm: Enhances motor efficiency, smoothens operation, and reduces noise generation.
  • Rapid Startup: Immediate response and motor startup without lengthy preheating times.
  • Sensorless FOC Technology: Provides fast dynamic response and stable torque output, maintaining consistent and comfortable blow-drying even with frequent speed or temperature adjustments.
  • Constant Speed and Constant Power Closed-Loop Control: Maintains consistent blow-drying results regardless of the chosen speed or power setting.
  • Multiple Protection Features: Ensures safety with protection against short circuits, overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, stalling, and overcurrent.
  • Variety of Speed Control Methods: Adjusts speed and temperature conveniently via buttons, knobs, or intelligent control systems.

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