Special Topic 1: Fan

Compared to brushed DC fan motor, BLDC fan motor is more energy-saving, environment-protective, lower noise, longer lifetime. And there is a significant increasing demand for BLDC fan motor.

Program Background

I. Basic parameters for fan motor selection:

Normally, aerodynamic features and noise level determines how good one fan motor is. Before selecting a suitable model, there are some information needing to be known, involving construction and type, working environment, rated static pressure, flow rate, rated power, energy efficiency and lifetime requirement, etc. In addition, to have best plan, limitation on motor dimension and requirement on certification, as well as special requirement on parts shall be also understood.

An Introduction

II. Basic introduction on the method of fan testing:

Refer to GB/T1236-2017 Industrial fan—Performance testing using standardized airways, there are four methods of measurement listed:

1.Multiple nozzles.

2.Cone-shaped or arc-shaped inlet.

3.Orifice plates.

4.Pitot-static tube.

Here below is a description for testing method “multiple nozzles”:

1.Test setup (refer to GB/T1236-2017, chapter 22, figure-41)

2.Test equipment (test photo):

2.1 Fan

2.2 Steady flow system

2.3 Variable Exhaust system

3.Test process:

3.1 Attach fan to the chamber.

3.2 Select one particular nozzle and block the others.

3.3 Adjust static pressure in chamber, simulating working condition of fan.

3.4 Record test data, required parameters as below:

3.4.1 Rotational speed N

3.4.2 Input power Pa

3.4.3 Differential pressure △P

3.4.4 Upstream pressure Pe6

3.4.5 Pressure at chamber Pe4

3.4.6 Temperature at chamber T4

3.4.7 Pressure at the area of fan Pa

3.4.8 Room temperature at inlet area Ta

3.4.9 Dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature Td,Tw

3.5 Calculate the value of flow rate with formula below:

III. CJC available motor models:






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