Blender Motor

CJC‘s blender motor platforms(universal ac motor/pmdc motor/bldc motor) solve several pain points of traditional blenders and offers the following advantages: Powerful performance/Extended lifespan/Low noise experience/Low temperature rise design/Lightweight and practical/Versatile applications。

1.Powerful performance: The brushless motor provides a wide speed range, capable of meeting both low-speed high-torque tasks (such as kneading dough and grinding meat) and high-speed blending requirements. It perfectly combines blending and multiple functions. 2.Extended lifespan: The use of high-quality brushless motors significantly increases the lifespan compared to traditional AC motors, allowing for continuous and stable operation. 3.Low noise experience: By utilizing advanced brushless motor technology, it reduces noise production, providing users with a better experience. 4.Low temperature rise design: With optimized heat dissipation system and motor structure, it significantly reduces temperature rise. It no longer requires a cooling fan, resulting in reduced noise from the main unit and a more streamlined and compact structure. 5.Lightweight and practical: The new generation of blenders adopts a lightweight design, with a compact blending cup that doesn't require a heating element. This reduces the burden during use, and the upgraded sealing mechanism ensures durability and reliability. 6.Versatile applications: The blender is designed to cater to various usage needs, such as making juices, soy milk, and even heating. It meets the diverse needs of users.

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