Mixer Motor

CJC has developed corresponding motor platforms for various functions of the mixer, including brushless motor platform and Universal ac motor platform. Each motor solution meets multiple functional requirements such as mixing and kneading, and effectively solves the contradiction between speed and torque.

When beating egg whites, the mixer can output high-speed rotation, while providing low-speed but powerful torque when kneading dough. This greatly enhances the user's experience. Whether it's beating eggs, crushing nuts, kneading dough, or mixing batter and sauces, a mixer can quickly and thoroughly blend ingredients. The new generation of mixers not only has mixing capabilities but also features functions like kneading dough and making smoothies. Traditional mixers typically use AC motors with moderate power and speed, which can meet basic needs like beating eggs, stirring, and mixing. Although they have a fast speed, their load capacity is limited. Additionally, for kneading dough, a traditional mixer requires a motor with sufficient torque but not too high a speed to ensure the quality and texture of the dough. However, it's challenging for AC motor-driven mixers in the market to meet both of these requirements simultaneously, resulting in issues such as noise, weight, large size, and limited flexibility, which can impact the user's experience.

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