CES 2024: CJC Coffee Grinder Series Adds BL7160/BL5635 Gearless BLDC Motor

Discover the benefits of using two brushless motors for coffee bean grinders. These motors provide supreme torque without the need for a gearbox, resulting in a more efficient and powerful grinding experience.


Berlin, IFA 2023: CJC proudly announces the launch of two innovative grinder motors, the BL5635 and BL7160, designed to transform the coffee-grinding experience. Specifically engineered for diverse coffee beans and grounds, these brushless DC (BLDC) grinder motors boast exceptional adjustability and precision, pushing the boundaries of traditional grinders.

New Grinder Motor Features

CJC's innovative grinder motors feature an optimized internal rotor configuration with an integrated position sensor, enabling precise control over speed and torque. This brushless design eliminates the need for gearboxes, resulting in a more compact, stable, and efficient unit. The high-speed rotation drives the grinder disc directly, achieving superior control over fineness and catering to various bean types. This marks a significant leap forward in grinder motor technology, offering unparalleled possibilities for coffee enthusiasts.


Key Advantages of CJC's Grinder Motors:

Superior Torque and Power: Compared to traditional motors, these grinder motors deliver exceptional torque without relying on gearboxes. The rated nominal torque reaches 1.8Nm, with a peak output of 5Nm, while the rated power stands at 400W, reaching 700W at peak. This translates to smooth and continuous speed regulation between 50-2000rpm, empowering users to achieve the perfect grind for any bean type.

Unmatched Quietness and Stability: The brushless design eliminates the need for carbon brushes and gearboxes, minimizing noise and vibration. Additionally, the optimized structure suppresses vibration frequencies, ensuring quiet operation even in homes and offices.

Powerful Start, Seamless Loading: Featuring an outer rotor position sensor, the grinder motor delivers rapid high-torque starts regardless of its position. Moreover, the motor incorporates a smart reverse function that automatically clears bean jams, enhancing user experience and safeguarding product stability.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability: The integrated BLDC motor drive board offers comprehensive protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and bean jams. Furthermore, the grinder motors comply with rigorous safety and EMC standards, including 3C and UL certifications, ensuring peace of mind for users.

CJC's revolutionary grinder motors represent a quantum leap in coffee grinding technology. With their exceptional power, control, and quiet operation, these motors empower coffee enthusiasts to achieve the perfect grind every time, unlocking a world of flavor possibilities.

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