Stable Running Solution for Multifunctional Stand Mixer Motor

A stand mixer's motor is designed to provide high efficiency, stable operation, and versatility, ensuring smooth and effortless mixing for all your culinary needs. Learn more about the benefits and features of this essential kitchen appliance.


Let’s delve into why the stand mixer truly shines. With its exceptional capabilities that extend beyond mere dough mixing, folding, and beating, this star product is taking the market by storm. Imagine the delight of enjoying mouthwatering homemade ice cream, gourmet pasta, succulent sausages, and even perfectly spiralized vegetables, all thanks to its extensive range of attachments and accessories. A must-have for every kitchen enthusiast, this stand mixer is on a mission to redefine the meaning of convenience, intelligence, and culinary mastery.

At present, most stand mixers on the market rely on AC series mixer motors, which unfortunately come with a range of limitations. These mixer motors lack the stability and loading capacity necessary for consistent operation. As a result, fluctuations in speed and torque occur when encountering different loads, compromising performance.

To realize stable operation and loading capacity, we have developed a stand mixer motor with a BLDC motor. This stand mixer motor boasts an output power reaching 1,500W, extensive working speed (100~14,000rpm), and output torque range (0.1~2.6N.m). This is a significant improvement over traditional mixer motors.

In the stand mixer BLDC motor platform, we have implemented advanced software algorithms such as magnetic field vector control technology and flux-weakening control of the motor driver. This enables the motor to operate at speeds much higher than its rated speed, resulting in optimal performance at the high-speed working point of 14,000rpm.

The use of a flat design with a larger outer diameter for the rotor has improved both the rotor inertia and the motor’s loading capacity. The adoption of a flat structure with a large diameter and a short axial dimension has resulted in a machine with a stable center of gravity and smooth operation.

Additionally, the IPM rotor structure utilizes reluctance torque (increased to 1.2 times) as the torque produced by permanent magnets, and the improved back EMF achieves high torque even at low speeds. This provides the machine with reduced fluctuation and a more stable working output.

These innovations have revolutionized the performance of our stand mixers. Our new motor design optimized torque fluctuation via fractional-slot multiple-pole winding(12P18S). Moreover, the use of high-performance rare earth permanent magnets enables low-speed operation with high torque, improving its power density.

The improved efficiency of our brushless motor, operating at up to 85% efficiency, offers substantial energy savings compared to the 30-50% efficiency range of AC series motors.


Learn more about our kitchen machine motor platforms. As we look towards the future, our focus remains on advancing key technologies and fostering innovation in kitchen machines. With versatile speed adjustment capabilities and exceptional stable performance, our stand mixer motor platforms continue to shape the culinary experiences of individuals worldwide.

Our stand mixers are equipped with a motor that is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, providing reliable performance and longevity. The motor is the heart of the stand mixer, and we’ve made sure that it’s up to the task. With a motor that operates at a high efficiency of up to 85%, our stand mixers not only deliver top-notch performance but also contribute to energy conservation.

The stand mixer motor is a critical component that determines the functionality and efficiency of the stand mixer. Our motor is designed to provide a smooth, consistent power output, ensuring that your stand mixer performs at its best at all times. Whether you’re kneading heavy dough or whipping up a delicate meringue, our stand mixer motor ensures that you get perfect results every time.

In conclusion, our stand mixer motor is a game-changer in the kitchen appliance industry. It offers superior performance, energy efficiency, and durability, making our stand mixers the ideal choice for both professional chefs and home cooks. Experience the difference with our stand mixer motor – it’s time to elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

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