BLDC Motor

Featured with electronically commutation, extremely wide speed range and an outstandingly long life span

Applications and Problem Solving: BLDC motors are perfect for applications that require low noise and low vibration. They tackle challenges in sectors such as consumer robots, coffee grinders, fans, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and blowers. By adopting our BLDC motors, these applications can achieve performance improvements and enhanced user experience. Motor Types and Features: -Inner rotor BLDC motors: (Designed for fast acceleration, high precision and low noise)Suitable for high-speed, rapid response, high accuracy, and low noise applications. -Outer rotor BLDC motors: (providing stable high torque, compact size and long life)Larger pole slot ratio, large moment of inertia. Suitable for high torque and flat structure applications. We offer various customization options to meet specific needs: -Wider supply voltage range, additional voltage types, -Extended temperature range, suitable for low and high-temperature environments -Suitable for vacuum environments -Modified for high-speed or high-load applications -Motors that meet increased electrical or mechanical tolerance requirements -Configurable shaft length and second shaft end -Modified shaft sizes and gear configurations Experience the power, efficiency, and reliability of brushless direct current motors. Contact us now to enhance your specific industry applications."

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