CJC Motor: Powering the Upgrade and Replacement of Brushless Motors in the Power Tools Industry

BLDC motor is a key technology for power tools to achieve lightweight, high-efficiency and intelligentization.

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Power Tools Industry's Demand for Motors

  • Compact structure and high power density. Most power tools are handheld, requiring small motor size and light weight, but high power output density.
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption. Power tools have limited working time, requiring high motor efficiency and energy saving to extend battery life.
  • Long life and high reliability. Power tools are used in harsh environments, requiring long motor life and good impact resistance.
  • Adapting to the speed and torque requirements of different tools. Different tools require different speeds and torque, and the motor must be capable of a wide range of speed regulation.
  • Low noise and resistance to rough handling. To reduce work fatigue and improve comfort.
  • Compatible with new energy batteries. Lithium batteries have large capacities and are environmentally friendly, but have requirements for motor drives.

Why Brushless Motors Are First Suited for Power Tools

  1. Adopt electronic commutation, compact structure, no mechanical loss. Brushless motors use electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutators, eliminating carbon brushes, commutators and other mechanical structures, greatly reducing size.
  2. Efficiency increased by more than 20% compared to brushed motors, and longer service life. Brushless motors have no mechanical losses, significantly improved efficiency, and service life up to 50,000 hours or more.
  3. Wear resistance and dust prevention, suitable for harsh environments. Brushless motors have simple mechanical structures, good sealing and resistance to rough handling and harsh environments.
  4. Wide speed regulation range, suitable for different tools. Brushless motors can flexibly adjust speed and torque to meet the needs of different tools.
  5. Low noise for more comfortable use. Brushless motors operate smoothly, with low vibration and noise, greatly enhancing comfort.
  6. Coordination with new energy lithium batteries to improve performance. The high efficiency of brushless motors, when matched with lithium batteries, can greatly extend battery life.

Brushless Motor Solutions

CJC's brushless motors provide the following solutions for the power tools industry:

Use imported magnetic materials to ensure motor efficiency and power density. Select magnetic materials with excellent properties to increase motor efficiency.
Optimize structural design to ensure mechanical strength and heat dissipation. Joint simulation of electromagnetic field and fluid is used to optimize motor structure to ensure mechanical strength and heat dissipation.
Precisely control the air gap between the rotor and stator for stable and reliable operation. Precision assembly technology keeps the rotor/stator air gap within 0.1mm to ensure long-term stable operation.
Highly integrated driver, small size, simplified system. Modular integrated circuits greatly reduce the size of the drive system.
Intelligent control for wide-range speed regulation. Based on DSP and advanced algorithms to achieve precise speed control to meet the needs of different tools.
Multiple interface designs, compatible with different battery packs. Provide multiple battery interfaces to adapt to various models of lithium battery packs.

CJC's Brushless Motor Platforms for Power Tools

  • Brushless motor for angle grinder: 10000-30000rpm, suitable for angle grinders.
  • BL3475 BL4260
  • Brushless motor for electric screwdriver: 20-100W, 5000-10600rpm, suitable for electric screwdrivers.
  • BL3650 BL3657 BL4250

Application Prospects of Brushless Motors in the Industry

It can be foreseen that brushless motors have broad application prospects in the field of power tools. It is a key technology for power tools to achieve lightweight, high-efficiency and intelligentization. CJC will continue to focus on innovation of brushless motor technology to provide strong power for product upgrades. We believe brushless motors will soon become standard configuration of power tools, promoting the industry's technological progress and product update. Specifically:

  1. Brushless motors are expected to achieve full coverage in all power tools as standard configuration.
  2. Power tools products will trend towards smaller size and higher efficiency by using brushless motors.
  3. Brushless motors combined with new energy batteries and intelligent technology will promote power tools to upgrade towards intelligentization.
  4. Brushless motor technology will continue to evolve, constantly improving power tool performance.
  5. Brushless motors will also be applied in more fields to promote related industry technological developments.

CJC will continue research and innovation to contribute to the advancement of brushless motor technology, and provide users with high-quality brushless motors and solutions to boost industry growth. We look forward to working with customers and partners in all sectors to explore the unlimited application prospects of brushless motors in the power tools field.


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