Compactness meets Power: Oil Pump Motor Solution

Introducing the highly integrated brushless motor for oil pump in gasoline station, a compact and powerful solution for efficient fuel oil delivery in automotive applications.


In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape of today, gasoline oil pump, being the heart of fluid transportation, play a pivotal role across numerous sectors. From agriculture and construction to aviation, the demand for oil pumps continues to rise, especially those which are more efficient, reliable, and intelligent. The small brushless motors that power these high-efficiency fuel pumps, specifically the bldc motor for oil pump motor, have become a hot topic in the industry. CJC, with our advanced technology, is making waves in the realm of small brushless motors.

Advantages of BL5780 An Oil Pump Motor

  • Small brushless oil pump motors like the BL5780 surpass traditional brushed motors in demanding applications due to their inherent design advantages and superior efficiency.

BL5780 small brushless oil pump motor developed by CJC has successfully assisted customers to replace the traditional brush motor with its unique advantages.

Closed-loop Speed Control Improves Gasoline Pump Performance: The closed-loop control system of BL5780 small brushless oil pump motor can maintain a constant operational speed, ensuring stable performance even when the gasoline pump load changes.

Durability & Lifespan: Greatly enhance the oil pump motor’s operational lifespan.

Efficiency & Energy-saving: Compared to their brushed counterparts, this small brushless oil pump motor has a higher conversion efficiency, reducing energy wastage.

Stability: BL5780 ensure a consistent operating speed, guaranteeing a stable flow and pressure output from gasoline pumps. Small Brushless Oil Pump Motor Solution CJC offers a comprehensive small brushless oil pump motor solution for gasoline pumps. From structural design to driving technology, every aspect is meticulously designed and optimized.

BLDC Pump Motor Solution

CJC offers a comprehensive small brushless motor solution for gasoline pump. From structural design to driving technology, every aspect is meticulously designed and optimized.

Structural Design Features:

Compact & Lightweight: Compact & Lightweight: BL5780 small brushless oil pump motors are designed to be compact, reducing the overall weight and making them apt for a wide range of applications.
High Integration: All electronic components and sensors are seamlessly integrated within the oil pump motor, simplifying the installation and connection process. 

Driving Design Features:

Soft-start Technology: Soft-start Technology: This technique significantly reduces the startup current, avoiding potential damages from instant high currents.
Overload & Stall Protection: The bldc oil pump motor automatically cuts off power or reduces output when faced with overload or stalling situations, ensuring enhanced safety for the equipment.

Customizable Parameters for Small Brushless Oil Pump Motor

CJC offers a highly tailored service to its clients. Depending on individual application requirements, clients can customize the following parameters:

Rated Power: 100W

Operating Voltage: DC 24V

Loaded Speed: 4100RPM@2A

Diving deep into the topic, this content thoroughly explores the application of CJC’s small brushless oil pump motors in gasoline pumps and their innovative solutions. With the burgeoning demands of the gasoline pump industry, opting for CJC’s bldc oil pump motor is a wise choice to ensure efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

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