IFA 2023丨CJC Motor Unveils Five New Electric Motor Seiries Applied in Various Fields

Discover the latest innovative micro motor technology showcased by CJC at IFA Berlin 2023. Learn about the advancements in micro motors for various industries.

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Berlin, Germany -1-5 September - CJC MOTOR is thrilled to announce its participation as an exhibitor at IFA Berlin 2023, the International Consumer Electronics Fair, taking place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds at Hall 11.1-467.

With the theme of “Innovative Micro Motor Release” in IFA Berlin 2023, we aim to captivate the attention of attendees by introducing our latest small brushless motor, small ac motors and pmdc motors. CJC MOTOR is excited to showcase its revolutionary technology, including high voltage & high power brushless motor, direct drive brushless motor, brushless motor with low speed and high torque (≤500RPM, ≥2N.m), and gearbox motor.

Visitors can find CJC MOTOR at Hall 11.1-262 at IFA Berlin 2023, where they will have the chance to explore the extensive range of motor products designed for various applications, such as:

  1. Coffee machines and coffee grinders: Discover how our advanced high voltage & high power brushless motor platforms enhance bean grinding fineness, grinding uniformity, provide speed consistency, precision, and efficiency for coffee enthusiasts.
  2. Drones: Witness the cutting-edge foc technology of drone motors/uav motor, realize minimum unbalance, high speed accuracy and high dimensional accuracy, and realize high power density and high torque.
  3. Automatic doors and windows: Experience the seamless operation of automated doors and windows, driven by our gearbox motor platforms, delivering convenience and efficiency in building automation.

  1. Cleaning robots and other consumer robots: Explore the characteristics of our direct drive brushless motor developed for cleaning robots and other consumer robots, such as multi-slot pole number design to optimize brushless motor torque fluctuation, magnetic encoder to accurately control brushless motor speed and rotor angular position, and external rotor direct drive structure to make the whole machine design more compact.
  2. Fans and air purifiers: Feel the power and quietness of our brushless motors, ensuring superior performance and air quality in fans and air purifiers for a refreshing and healthy environment.

By participating in IFA Berlin 2023, CJC MOTOR seeks to inform industry professionals about its new IFA Berlin motor product range and foster cooperation with renowned brands from around the world. We are keen to establish fruitful partnerships in regions associated with home appliances, building automation, consumer robots, personal care, and other related sectors. CJC MOTOR’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with leading brands to enhance consumer experiences and bring innovative solutions to market.

CJC MOTOR cordially invites interested parties, including manufacturers, distributors, and potential partners, to visit our booth at Hall 11.1-467 during the IFA Berlin 2023 exhibition. This is an exclusive opportunity to witness firsthand the breakthrough IFA Berlin motor product range and explore potential synergies that can shape the future of the consumer electronics and building automation landscape. We also have a wide range of IFA Berlin parts available for our micro motors.

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