Coffee Machine Motor

CJC motors ensure high performance, safety, and customization to meet your specific needs, and they provide an excellent solution for your coffee maker/grinder.

Appliance Needs: Our motors cater to both high-speed grinders for beans or other various dried materials (using brushed motors for rapid, uniform grinding with less noise) and low-speed coffee grinders (brushless and reduction motors for precise control and reduced noise). BLDC Motor Features: 1.Our brushless motor delivers a high torque output of up to 5 Nm at 700W and seamless speed adjustment in the 50 ~ 2000 rpm range. 2.Includes multiple safety features such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and bean jam protection. 3.It has obtained 3C, UL certifications ensuring its safety, durability, and compliance with EMC standards. Design Characteristics: 1.Brushless direct-drive motors use an optimized design with an external rotor configuration. 2.They feature an external rotor position sensor for easy control of speed and torque. 3.Robust load-starting capabilities and smooth loaded speeds are ensured.

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