Drone Motor

BL5008 is an outstanding brushless motor product that excels in efficiency, lightweight design, high sensitivity, and fast response. It provides stability and agility for drones in various applications and enhances the flying experience for both hobbyists and professional manufacturers.

Here are the main features and advantages of this product: 1.Powerful Thrust and Lightweight Design: The 5008 model of the brushless motor is capable of delivering a thrust of up to 3400g while maintaining a lightweight design, weighing between 109.7g to 109.95g. Its high power density ensures excellent power output and outstanding flight performance. 2.Low Vibration and Noise: The Chang Jin Cheng Brushless Motor is engineered with a carefully designed structure to minimize vibration and noise. This feature enhances flight stability and ensures the stability of photography and transmission equipment. 3.High Sensitivity and Fast Response: By utilizing sensorless control and advanced position estimation algorithms, the Chang Jin Cheng Brushless Motor achieves highly sensitive and dynamic response capabilities. It enables rapid acceleration and deceleration, providing precise and flexible flight control. 4 4.High Efficiency and High Speed: This motor boasts an efficiency of over 80% and a no-load speed of 7800 ± 10% RPM. The high efficiency and speed of the motor enable drones to maintain stability in various flight conditions and meet the weight-sensitive requirements of drone motors. 5.Precise Structural Design: The Chang Jin Cheng Brushless Motor is built with premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring high power density and exceptional performance. The precise structural design guarantees stable and reliable motor performance.

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