CJC Motor Brings BLDC Tech to CES Las Vegas 2024

CJC will be showcasing three major small brushless dc bldc motor platforms and their corresponding BLDC drivers at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Don't miss the opportunity to see the latest innovations in motor technology.

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CJC will display three major brushless dc bldc motor platforms and matched bldc drivers to accelerate innovations powered by bldc technology at CES Las Vegas 2024 in January 9-12. We are available to discuss what small brushless motor options deliver fast, flexible, and cost-effective in the West Tech (Booth 2114).

Look Inward, Taking A Close Look At What CJC Offers

Two Factories and Two R&D Centers Across South China

Over the years, we have extended our industrial layouts - two factories and two R&D centers in Hunan and Guangdong. Our factory area is 80,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 20 million units. Hunan is where we produce our products which has a total investment of 310 million RMB. The base focuses on the manufacturing of electric products and automating operations. It has independent workshops for metal stamping, injection molding, casting, and polymer material synthesis. Currently, CJC boasts over 60 R&D staff and more than 80 motor platforms.

The market might not change considerably, but if it does, there is only one thing to do: perform well and innovate quickly

We have over 150 patents that protect our products in various areas including control, mechanics, and motor design. These patents also cover home appliances and material processing. Our Brushless dc BLDC Motor are cutting-edge parts thanks to the self-R&D and maximum guaranteed performance qualification and certification.

How CJC Motors Deliver Precision, Efficiency, and Unwavering Reliability

Quality: Comprehensive performance, noise, environmental, and reliability validation to ensure product quality meets standards including GB, ISO, etc. Certifications include CCC, UL, CSA, CE and EMC.

Advantageous Brushlesss dc BLDC Technology:

Low-speed power is our forte. CJC motors combine advanced rotor design with optimized magnetic fields to minimize cogging torque, resulting in remarkably smooth operation even at a crawl. Our proprietary low-inductance windings maximize torque output at low speeds, making them ideal for professional blenders, stand mixers, and other demanding tasks.

CJC's brushless dc BLDC motors boast matched positioning capabilities, ensuring every movement is as precise as it is powerful. From intricate robotic maneuvers to stabilizing sensitive medical equipment, these motors respond accurately to your commands, leaving no room for error. Advanced encoders and intelligent control algorithms translate your commands into precise motor movements, while rigorous testing ensures every CJC motor meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Smarter, Faster, Better: CJC's Intelligent Control Algorithms Take the Lead

Self-developed FOC: Vector intelligent control algorithm, automatic motor matching in 10 seconds, greatly simplifying debugging work.

Sensor-based FOC: Automatic PID configuration; Sensorless FOC high-speed algorithm, speed up to 150,000+ RPM.

Precise PID simulation algorithm: Automatically generates visualized, optimal precise PID parameters; Step response from 0 to full speed only takes 0.08 seconds.

Brushless motor drive precise position control: Replaces servo/stepper motors; High cost-effective position control: Brushless motor position closed-loop algorithm, reducing overall costs.

Comprehensive circuit protection: Real-time short circuit protection, microsecond-level back electromotive force absorption, high margin anomaly protection.

Look Outward, Taking A Hard Look At What The Clients Really Want

Our story is etched in innovative prowess, a testament to our commitment across diverse submarkets.

Brushless Direct Drive Motor for Best Robot Dog: Special motor design and sensors enable precise control for smooth and quiet operation.

Brushless Direct Drive Motor for Coffee Bean Grinder: Powerful coffee grinder motor with outer rotor sensor for efficient and stable grinding at various speeds.

Brushless Direct Drive Motor for 20-quart mixer and 30-quart mixer: High-performance motor(800W) with a wide speed and torque range for diverse cooking tasks.

Even If You Don't See Us, CJC MOTOR Empowers Everywhere

For more than 20 years, CJC Motor has powered brands of small home appliances and kitchen equipment earning unanimous recognition and prestigious international awards like the Red Dot and IFA design, CES Innovation Award, and the “Best Connected Home Product”. We have shaped strategic partnerships with these customers and have been awarded. Clients value our motors for their high performance, customization, and unwavering support. This collaborative journey is marked by innovation, mutual growth, and industry acclaim, defining CJC Motor’s commitment to driving customer success.

Our clients worldwide appreciate our motors for their high performance, customization capabilities, and unwavering support. We guarantee quick responses within 24 hours from our dedicated Sales Team, Project Team, and R&D Team. With our technical expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and positive customer feedback, we stand as your trustworthy B2B motor solution partner. If you seek a capable and experienced B2B motor solution supplier, CJC Motor is undoubtedly your best choice.

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