DC Brushed DC28R97: Electric Window Motor Solutions

Discover the DC28R97, the high-precision, low-noise motor ideal for automatic windows. With a 97:1 reduction ratio and ≤0.3mm backlash, it ensures smooth, precise operations in diverse applications.


Customer H placed an order this year for a new type of DC custom gearbox brushed motor for electric window. This motor required two key performance metrics: low noise and high torque.

We understand that achieving both low noise and high torque presents challenges in both electric window motor and brushed DC custom gearbox motors.

Leveraging our existing knowledge base for electric window motor, we embarked on a design and optimization process for the new motor. We implemented a new structural design with reduced backlash, leading to a significant noise reduction to below 60 dB. Additionally, we incorporated new materials to minimize rotor vibration. Furthermore, we increased the motor's input power and gear reduction ratio to 97:1, thereby boosting torque.

As a result, the new dc brushed motor DC28R97 achieves a 50% noise reduction and a 20% torque increase. We are proud of our achievements and excited that Customer H will benefit from an electric window motor with enhanced performance.

This custom gearbox motor DC28R97, with its 97:1 reduction ratio, ≤0.3mm backlash, and <60dB noise level, stands out as the ideal solution for electric/smart/automatic window/blind/shutter/roller shutter for interior & exterior.

The electric window dc brushed motor DC28R97 stands out with its impressive engineering design:

  • High Reduction Ratio (97:1): This translates to high torque output and precise control, making it ideal for the smooth operation of automatic windows.
  • Minimal Backlash (≤0.3mm): This ensures minimal lost motion and precise movement, crucial for achieving the accuracy required in various applications.
  • Low Noise Level (<60dB): This contributes to a more comfortable and quieter environment, both during the manufacturing process and in the final window/shutter's operation.

Beyond the Features: Addressing Electric Window Pain Points
The electric window dc brushed motor DC28R97 effectively addresses key challenges faced in the automatic window industry:
  • Smooth and Precise Operation: DC28R97's high torque output and precise control ensure smooth movement and accurate window positioning, eliminating the concerns of jerky or imprecise movements.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: The low noise level of DC28R97 creates a more pleasant environment, especially in applications like hospitals and public transportation.
  • Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiency: The motor's ease of integration and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to improved production efficiency and reduced downtime.
  • Durable and Reliable: The motor's robust design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even in demanding environments.

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