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Window Motor: Gearbox Motor with Low Speed Yet Substantial Torque

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Window Gearbox Motor EC28: Powering Your Window Treatments A window gearbox motor, also known as a window motor, is a small electric motor with a built-in gearbox. This gearbox reduces the motor's speed and increases its torque, making it ideal for applications that require controlled, powerful movement. Window gearbox motors are the driving force behind: Electric curtains: These curtains utilize a track system and a motor to open and close electronically. Electric vertical blinds: Similar to electric curtains, electric vertical blinds use a motor to tilt the slats electronically. Benefits of Window Gearbox Motor EC28 in Window Treatments: Convenience: With a simple button press or remote control, you can operate your curtains or blinds, eliminating the need for manual operation. Accessibility: Window gearbox motors can be a great option for people with limited mobility or those who find it difficult to reach windows. Automation: Integrate your window treatments with smart home systems for scheduling and voice control. Safety: Electric window treatments eliminate the risk of strangulation cords, a major safety concern for homes with children or pets. Applications of Window Gearbox Motor EC28: Residential Homes: Electric curtains and blinds are becoming increasingly popular in homes for their convenience and aesthetic appeal. Offices: Window gearbox motors can be used in office buildings to control light and glare throughout the day. Commercial Spaces: Retail stores and hospitality venues can benefit from the automation capabilities of electric window treatments.


  • Rated Voltage
  • Rated Current
  • Rated Speed
    70 RPM
  • No Load Current
    0.9 A
  • No Load Speed
    92 RPM
  • Output Power
    92 W
  • Torque
    2 N.m
  • Outer Diameter
    28 mm
  • Length
    93 mm
  • Reduction Ratio


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