Bread Machine Motor

A bread maker automatically mixes, kneads, rises, and bakes fresh bread, eliminating the hassle of manual operation

CJC‘s bread maker motor platform has the following characteristics: 1.The bread maker motor can use either a brushless DC motor or a series-excited motor, both of which are well-suited for the load characteristics of a bread maker. They can operate at any speed to meet the processing needs of the bread maker. 2.The motor has a wide speed range, eliminating the need for additional gearboxes and further improving the efficiency of the bread maker. 3.The brushless motor platform for bread makers has a rotor with a high-strength permanent magnet field, giving it a stronger overload capacity to meet the high-load requirements of kneading dough and other tasks. 4.The motor has excellent regenerative braking effects, generating power completely during braking or descent processes, saving energy.

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