AWE2024: Inviting You to Explore China’s Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo

CJC MOTOR to Showcase Four Innovative Electric Motor Platforms at AWE 2024

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  • Mixer/Blender Motors are used in a variety of mixing and blending applications, including food processing, stand mixer, dough mixer, commercial mixer, quiet blender, professional blender, mini mixer, commercial immersion blender and more. The designed mixer motor platforms provide high torque and low speed, making them ideal for mixing viscous materials.
  • Coffee Machine Motors are used to grind coffee beans, weeds or herbs into a fine powder. The motors are designed to be quiet and operate at high speeds, ensuring a consistent grind. The grinding motor platforms can be customized to commercial coffee grinder, superautomatic espresso machine, professional coffee grinder, electric weed grinders or electric herb grinders.
  • Environmental Motors are used in a variety of applications, including fans, air purifiers, high-speed hair dryers, bathroom exhaust fans, etc. They are designed to be energy efficient and operate at low noise levels.
  • Robot Motors are used in applications need precise control, including drones, robotic dogs, lawn mowers, and pool cleaning robots. They are designed to be powerful and compact, making them ideal for use in small spaces.

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