PMDC Motor

Our Permanent Magnet Direct Current (PMDC) motors distinguish themselves with their unrivaled characteristics. They can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy with minimal losses, thereby delivering extremely high efficiency. Their unique linear characteristics offer high predictability and ease of control, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Moreover, the straightforward design of our motors allows them to be effortlessly integrated into various applications, saving time and cost in system design.

In terms of applications, our PMDC motors excel. Their power density and low noise make them the first choice for industries requiring high performance, such as household appliances, smart homes (automatic doors and windows), power tools, pumps, ventilation systems, and professional swimming pool systems. High power density allows these motors to provide a significant amount of power even in compact sizes. Our PMDC motors offer a variety of customization options to meet your specific needs: -Customized voltage types based on different application requirements. -Provision of PTFE or PVC connection cables and connectors to ensure system compatibility. -Ability to change shaft length and the second shaft end to accommodate various configurations. -Modifications to the shaft and gears, including flat surfaces, gears, pulleys, and eccentric wheels. -Enhanced operational performance within an extended temperature range. -Improved vacuum compatibility (for example, 9-5 Pa). -Modifications for high-speed or high-load applications. -Adaptive adjustments for situations requiring increased electrical or mechanical tolerances.

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