Meat Grinder Motor

CJC recommends different motor platforms for meat grinders: BLDC motor platform (880W) enables less times yet bulk batches of meat grinding. Universal ac motor platform, known for its simple structure and quick processing requirements. PMDC motor platform improves torque output, lifespan and cater to a wider range of usage scenarios.

Advantages of the brushless motor platform for meat grinders: Easily and quickly mince various types of meat, including beef, chicken, and turkey, saving you time and effort. Achieves seamless speed control to meet different usage requirements. Long lifespan, with a usage expectancy of over 200 hours. Advantages of the series-excited motor platform for meat grinders: Simple motor structure with mature production technology. High rotation speed, allowing for rapid meat chopping and discharge from the machine. Can be equipped with corresponding blades and perforated plates to achieve different particle sizes based on the characteristics and processing requirements of various ingredients. Advantages of the permanent magnet DC motor platform for meat grinders: Utilizes a direct current permanent magnet motor, reducing speed while increasing torque output for enhanced overall grinding power. Optimized motor structure and magnetic circuit minimize noise and improve user comfort. Can be combined with an optimized gearbox design to reduce size, increase load capacity, and enhance overall power output and lifespan of the machine.

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