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With cloud computing, you can unlock motor design.

A one-stop-shop for online motor design, electromagnetic field finite elements, vibration and noise analysis, and more, EasiMotor Online is a comprehensive design and simulation optimization tool. To mimic the motor's behavior under alternative control techniques, swiftly determine the electromagnetics using cloud computing resources and merge that with the actual running control structure.

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Optimizing Motors with AI and 3D Printing

The Hyperganic software platform automates the design of highly functional parts, structures, and complete machines for mass production in Digital Factories using industrial 3D printing. They have been working on automating and manufacturing the next generation heat pump exchange tube.


New Motor Design with AI-Assisted Optimization

UNSW Sydney researchers were inspired by a South Korean bridge to create a new magnetically driven motor that requires far fewer rare earth elements. The UNSW group's proprietary AI-assisted optimization program was used to create the new IPMSM prototype motor by assessing many designs across electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal parameters.

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