Want Smaller size but higher efficiency? You'll Now Need to Know Permanent Magnet DC Motor

In recent years, the trend of electric vehicles has led to an increased utilization of permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors.


What is PMDC motor?

Permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motor is a DC motor whose excitation magnetic field is established by permanent magnets. The permanent magnet, a crucial component, plays a vital role in Permanent Magnet DC motors. The permanent magnet is a material that possesses a constant magnetic field strength and commonly used materials include ferrite and neodymium-iron-boron magnets. Through the interaction between the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet and the current, the PMDC motor is capable of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. 


PMDC motor offer a few advantages of compact size, high efficiency (no excitation loss), simple structure and ease of operation, besides the good mechanical characteristics and linear adjustment characteristics, it also has the bilitily to adjust in a wide range and perform without control.


Considerable Power and Torque Behind PMDC's Tiny Form

Permanent Magnet DC motor comprises a stator and an armature. The stator consists of magnets placed inside a steel cylinder, while the armature includes brushes, a commutator, and slots for the armature winding. Electrical power is supplied to the armature through the brushes and commutator, allowing the motor to operate.


In a PMDC motor, the armature rotates within the magnetic field created by permanent magnets in the stator, converting the force into torque. The motor operates on DC power and uses a commutator to regulate the current supply to the stator, maintaining a constant 90-degree angle between the fields. As the rotor rotates, the position of the stators and armature changes, causing torque reversal. The current alternates between the windings, determined by the number of magnetic poles and rotation speed.


Fields that PMDC Can Dive Into

Permanent magnet DC motors have found extensive applications in various fields thanks to their small size and ability to work with batteries. Iron-based ferrite permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in household appliances, audio systems, power tools, fitness equipment, medical devices, regenerative braking, toys and robots, and the automotive industry as the largest user. Specifically, PMDC motor already showed up around your various components in your automobiles, the disk and drive in your personal computers, blowers in your house's AC and heaters, etc.


Rare earth permanent magnet DC motors, on the other hand, are predominantly used in industries with high-performance requirements or specific environmental conditions. These include military applications such as aerospace, artillery, radar, missiles, as well as industrial applications in the petroleum industry, tobacco machinery, and CNC machine tools. With the decreasing prices of rare earth permanent magnet materials and the increasing demands for motor performance, rare earth permanent magnet DC motors are gradually replacing ferrite alnico DC motors in certain fields.

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