Harness PMDC Gearbox Motor to Unlock Automatic Window

Discover the DC28M24R97, the high-precision, low-noise motor ideal for automatic windows. With a 97:1 reduction ratio and ≤0.3mm backlash, it ensures smooth, precise operations in diverse applications.


Automatic windows, also known as power windows or electric windows, are a type of window that can be raised and lowered by pressing a button or switch, as opposed to using a crank handle. They are commonly found in various fields, including but not limited to:

1. Automobiles: Motors are the powerhouse behind the swift and effortless window control mechanisms. The motor should be able to operate the windows smoothly and quickly. Among them, the motor generally adopts bi-directional permanent magnet motor, which can rotate forward and backward by controlling the current direction to achieve the function of window lifting. 

2. Buildings: The motors drive the mechanisms behind automated windows in buildings. Integrating into building management systems, these motors ensure automated, weather-sensitive operations, catering to factors like temperature, rain, wind, and air quality, offering not just convenience but also efficiency.

3. Greenhouses: In greenhouses, automatic windows help regulate temperature and humidity levels. They can be programmed to open or close based on specific conditions, ensuring optimal growth conditions for plants. The motor should be able to operate in a humid environment and withstand temperature variations.

4. Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, automatic windows can help maintain a sterile environment by reducing the need for manual operation. They can also be used in patient rooms for comfort and convenience. In healthcare facilities, the motor should be reliable and able to operate the windows smoothly and quietly so as not to disturb patients.

5. Public Transport: Buses, trains, and other forms of public transport often use automatic windows for ventilation and passenger comfort. In public transport, the motor should be durable and able to withstand frequent use.

The DC28M24R97 motor, with its high precision, low noise, and efficient power usage, is an excellent choice for these applications. Its features can enhance the operation of automatic windows, improving the user experience and meeting the specific needs of manufacturers in these fields.

Addressing Pain Points with Planetary Gearbox PMDC Motor

The standout prowess of the DC28M24R97 lies in its engineering finesse.

The DC28M24R97 boasts a reduction ratio of 97:1, ensuring high torque output and precise control, crucial for the smooth operation of automatic windows. In other words, he reduction ratio of 97:1 in a motor indicates that the motor's output speed is significantly slower than its input speed, but with increased torque. With a rated speed of 70 RPM, the motor provides the perfect balance between speed and control. In the context of automatic windows, this high reduction ratio allows the motor to generate enough force (torque) to smoothly operate the windows with precise control, ensuring they move smoothly and reliably.

One of the standout features of the motor is its backlash of ≤0.3mm. Backlash in a motor refers to the clearance or play between mechanical components, which can result in lost motion or imprecision in movement. A backlash of ≤0.3mm indicates a very small amount of clearance, leading to minimal lost motion. This, in turn, enables manufacturers to achieve the precision required in their operations, as there's very little room for error or imprecision in the motor's movements.


Noise and Power Considerations

In an industry where noise can be a significant concern, the DC28M24R97 shines with its noise level of <60dB. This is measured 30cm away from the gearbox shaft, with the ambient noise being <30dB. This low noise level contributes to a more comfortable and quieter environment, both in the manufacturing process and in the final product’s operation.

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