Automatic Door Motor

In the application of automatic doors/rolling doors/garage doors, it is more common to use BLDC reduction motors because they have higher efficiency, longer service life and precise control ability. However, in some specific cases, PMDC motor may be more suitable for simple door movement while providing cost advantages.

Advantages of BLDC geared motors: 1. High efficiency: Brushless motors have minimal friction and therefore have higher energy efficiency. 2. Longevity: Brushless motors have a longer lifespan as they have no brushes that wear out or create friction, reducing the frequency of maintenance and parts replacement. 3. High torque: Brushless motors typically have higher torque output, making them suitable for handling larger loads. 4. Precise control: Brushless motors use electronic controllers, allowing for more accurate and stable speed and position control, making them suitable for tasks that require precision control. Advantages of brushed DC motors: 1. Cost-effectiveness: Comparatively, brushed motors have lower manufacturing costs than brushless motors. Simple control: Brushed motors use simpler controllers and do not require complex sensors or electronic circuits. 2. Start-up and reverse motion: Brushed motors are better suited for applications that require frequent start-up and reverse motion due to their higher starting torque.

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