Bedding/Seating Drive Motor

BLDC motors and PMDC geared motors offer advantages such as cost-effectiveness, a wide speed range, and higher power output when used in electric massage chairs. However, they have a relatively shorter lifespan and higher noise levels.

BLDC motors and PMDC geared motors have several advantages when used in electric massage chairs. Advantages of brushed DC motors: 1. Cost-effectiveness: Brushed DC motors have a relatively simple structure, resulting in lower manufacturing costs, making them suitable for applications with limited budgets. 2. Wide speed range: Brushed DC motors can achieve a wide range of speed adjustments by varying the applied voltage, catering to the varying massage needs of different body areas. Advantages of brushed DC geared motors: 1. Higher power output: Brushed DC geared motors can provide greater output power, making them suitable for massage chairs that require stronger intensity. 2. Strong stability: Brushed DC geared motors, with the help of a gear reduction mechanism, can provide more stable output speed and torque, ensuring smooth operation of the massage chair.

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